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What a Day!!

What a Day!!

Yesterday was quite a day. Elaine Houston from Channel 13 came to interview me for a piece on local women in business, but lets back track a bit. We applied for our Ag and Markets licence 6 weeks ago, I called once a week each week hoping to get the inspector to stop by, inspect the new chocolate kitchen in the basement, but we heard nothing from anyone. UNTIL yesterday. I had a girl come to blow out my hair in the morning. She gets started and there is a knock on the door. Michael answers it and low and behold it is the INSPECTOR!!! He is all confused because it is a house, not a store front, we shuffle him into the basement and within 15 mins we are inspected approved and have paperwork in hand….WOW!!!! Now I am down to 40 mins before the news crew shows up, we do my hair in fast forward, get Brittny out of the house and then Elaine and her film guy Ray show up. They were here over an hour and they both made me so comfortable. We laughed so hard and had a good time while getting all the footage they needed. Talking to Elaine was like talking to one of my girlfriends.
We have been in business 13 months and have gone from renting kitchen space at Decadent Diva, to renting kitchen space at Stomah Cakes(there is a link to Stomach Cakes website on our home page), to having my own space in my home. It has been a crazy year and I have learned so much and made so many new friends. Amazing the diffence a year can make. I am totally looking forward to see what happens in the next 13 months!

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