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Valentine’s Frenzy!!

Valentine’s Frenzy!!

As you can imagine, Valentine’s Day may be the number one day all year for Berrylicious Bouquets. We are crazy busy for 48 hours, then we crash. This year will be Bigger and Better. You will be able to find Bouquets, Gift Boxes and Packages of goodie at quite a few different places.

The Website, www.BerryliciousBouquets.com- You can order our full line of bouquets, gift boxes, and favor bags right on the website. We will also deliver any and all of these products.

The Bread Basket Bakery, Saratoga Springs- The Bread Basket sells our full line of Goodies, they are all decorated in fun Heart sprinkles. They are also taking Pre-Orders for both our gift boxes AND Sweet Dozen Berrylicious Bouquets. Next time you are in to get your bread, lunch, or bakery treat you can place your order for either one of these and they will be ready for pick up on Valentine’s Day!

Niskayuna Co oP, Niskayuna- The Niskayuna is selling 3 of our packaged goodies decorated with heart sprinkles. They have our Oreo’s, Graham Crackers, and pretzels. Starting tomorrow 01/15 you will be able to place a pre-order for a Berrylicious Bouquet Sweet Dozen. They will be ready for pick-up on Valentines Day!

We are expanding our reach and for all you Greenfield Peeps, keep an eye out next time you are at Chip’s Place. You just might find Some Berrylicious Goodies to go with that great dinner you are picking up:)

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