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Snowflake Goody Gift Box

Snowflake Goody Gift Box



A box of 20 delicious Berrylicious Goodies! Each box contains:

Five Berrylicious Oreos
– Oreo cookies double-dipped: once in smooth, dark chocolate then again in delicious white chocolate. Twice the delight!
Five Snowflake Pretzels
– Three dipped in our delicious dark chocolate, two dipped in white chocolate and both sprinkled with snowflakes.
Five Snowflake Twizzlers
– Strawberry liquorice Twizzlers, hand-dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with snowflake sprinkles.
Five Snowflake Grahams
– Graham Crackers dipped in our delicious Dark Chocolate and sprinkled with snowflakes.

Allergens: Contains or may contain milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts.
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