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Chocolate and Valentines

Chocolate and Valentines

Chocolate and Valentines go together like bread and butter – they are the yin and yang of Valentines!

Berrylicious Sweetheart Sampler

There are few who do not envision flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. We all love (and hope) to get a little spoiled on a day that represents love and affection.

We here at Berrylicious thought it would be way more fun to combine the two concepts and give you the opportunity to offer a new type of goodie to your Valentine!

Our Berrylicious Chocolate Dipped Strawberry bouquet is the ideal Valentines day gift.  If your love doesn’t like strawberries, you can give her (or him) our Sweetheart Sampler, a box full of our Berrylicious chocolate dipped goodies.

May your Valentine’s Day been filled with Love and Chocolate! 

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