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Children Learning to be Berrylicious!

Children Learning to be Berrylicious!

This class is great for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Sport Teams, or just a group of friends that would enjoy the experience. I was a teacher for 10 years after college and have taken my love of teaching and my love of chocolate and put them together for this special class:)

The class starts with CHOCOLATE!!! Each person gets to see what our chocolate looks like before it is melted and TASTE it!! While the chocolate melts we chat about how Berrylicious became a business and how we melt chocolate in our kitchen.
Once the chocolate is ready we show the children how to dip a berry, decorate it and let it dry. Then the fun begins. Each child gets to dip and decorate their own berry. While the berries are drying we take questions and have each child dip a rice Krispy treat and decorate that as a special treat. While they are munching away on their rice krispy treat I show the children how to put together a bouquet with the berries they dipped. That is usually photo time. We end the class with everyone having a chocolate covered strawberry.

This experience can he had here at Berrylicious HQ or WE WILL COME TO YOU! We can set up anywhere that has a counter or table and a plug!

Call us if you would like more information or to schedule a class for your special group! 312.6260

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