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Bitter “Sweet” Day

Bitter “Sweet” Day

Today was Valentine’s Day. A day that as a owner of a chocolate dipping business is exciting. Exciting, like you are getting ready for a HUGE party and you are the host! You have to be a party planner, dipper, organizer, employer, cheerleader (mostly cheering yourself on) and keep all the books. It is a day that you work up to for weeks and then it is
over:( Kind of a let down after such a big PAR-TAY!! You deliver your last bouquet and fill your last gift box. An hour after the last bouquet left the kitchen I started to clean up. Sweeping up heart sprinkles that “jumped the plank” onto the floor, clearing all the trays and wiping them down, scrubbing the counters to get all the drips of chocolate off. While I was scrubbing the floor I saw the next set of sprinkles to come…..SPRING COLORS!!! Pink, Lime Green and Purple all mixed together. So bright, so vibrant!! So I say goodbye to my red and pink heart sprinkles and hello to the new spring colors. Ready for spring and re-growth, and to see what it has to bring.
Happy Valentine’s 2014 I hope it was Super Sweet!!

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