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Berrylicious Birthday Parties!!

Berrylicious Birthday Parties!!

We are ready to announce our Berrylicious Birthday in home chocolate parties. I am combining my 10 years classroom teaching experience, my love for throwing parties and my passion for chocolate and bringing it all to you home to entertain your children and their friends for 1 hour – 1 1/4 hours. You will have time to greet your guest, and at the end time for cake, a berrylicious bouquet and presents and I will take over for the rest of the time.
The outline of the party is this:

-Each child will receive a cooks hat to decorate and keep.
-Each child will wear a Berrylicious Bouquet apron for the party, the birthday boy or girl will get to keep theirs.
-The parent will get to pick their theme color( choices are red, blue, orange, pink, purple, lime green). We will use your theme color and that way you will be able to decorate and keep it all coordinated.
-Each child will get to choose a chocolate lollipop mold and get to make 2 lollipops.
-While those dry, each child will be able to make and decorate 2 chocolate covered berries.
-I will make a Berrylicious Bouquet out of the berries for you to have with your cake.
-while the children watch me make a bouquet I will serve each one a Personal Fondue. It will consist of a small cup of chocolate and 4 dippers that were picked by the parent to serve.(there are 10 to pick from).
-After the fondue each child will remove their lollipops from the molds, bag them, and add a bow in the theme color.
-If time allows at the end we will play a chocolate themed game.

Each child will go home with 2 lollipops AND the hat they decorated. The birthday boy or girl will keep their apron.

The party is aimed at children aged 5-16. A basic party consists of 8 children plus the birthday boy or girl.
The price of a party is $229.00 Addition children can be added for $12.99 a piece.

Add-ons include:
Additional aprons $7.99
Additional dippers for the fondue $4.99 per item
Additional fondue plate $7.99
Birthday Cake made by, Cakes By Angelina $35-$45

You can check out the full details at our website: www.berryliciousbouquets.com

I look forward to celebrating with you:))

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