Berrylicious Snowflake Bouquet

From: $35.00

Bouquet Size

Made from the freshest strawberries hand-dipped in the our delicious dark chocolate, sprinkeld with snowflake decorations and arranged as a bouquet. The perfect centerpiece for your holiday table.

Available in five sizes:

Sweet Dozen Bouquet – 12 berries
Let’s Share Bouquet – approx. 20 berries
Get Together Bouquet – approx 30 berries
Perfect Party Bouquest – approx 50 berries
Big Bash Bouquet – approx 70 berries

Bouquet Size Sweet Dozen (12 berries), Let's Share (approx. 20 berries), Get Together (approx. 30 berries), Perfect Party (approx. 50 berries), Big Bash (approx. 70 berries)